Chicago area's Prime Pack & Ship offers a unique and diverse range of services to  consumers and businesses including worldwide shipping with discounted international shipping rates. We offer Packaging and Crating service in our Schaumburg location or on-site.

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International Shipping Services

Save 10% off FedEx, UPS, & DHL rates every day

Shipping to India, Mexico, the Philippines, China, anywhere in the world?
Relax... You found the shipping experts.

Prime Pack & Ship provides guaranteed service worldwide through FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, and air and ocean freight, with free customs preparation. Our knowledge and experience makes international shipping easy.


Here’s why our customers choose Prime Pack & Ship:

  • A soldier’s medical records to a hospital in Iraq.
  • A 56”x 48” 19th century oil painting to the island of Malta
  • Prescription medication to our customers’ family members in Trinidad, The Philippines, India, and elsewhere
  • A 12 foot tall lighted palm tree to Guinea, West Africa
  • Forklift engines to Argentina
  • Prototype air purifiers to South Korea
  • An engagement ring and marriage proposal to Australia
  • A pair of paintings valued at $200,000.00 to a Paris auction house.
  • Surgical masks to a hospital battling Swine Flu in Mexico
  • CT and MRI parts to India and Malaysia
Knowledge and flexibility:  

Benefit from our understanding customs regulations, which shippers have the best service to a given country, and all the factors that affect shipping time, cost, and reliability. At Prime Pack & Ship, you’ll see all of your options, their unique costs and benefits, and be able to make the best choice to suit your needs.


Prime Pack & Ship provides every customer with a 15% discount off FedEx, UPS, and DHL rates on international shipping.* For larger packages, this translates into savings over $100.00 compared to what you would pay by going directly to a carrier’s office or its franchise locations.

*excludes UPS ground service to Canada

See a few examples of your shipping savings...


Here are a few things you might not know about international shipping…

  • Service between FedEx, UPS, DHL, is not equal. While one of these carriers may have extensive service in a particular world region, another may sub-contract with companies or postal services within the destination country. This can increase shipping time and reduce reliability. Prime Pack & Ship can help you determine the most reliable carrier for your needs.

  • All pricing is not equal. For example, one carrier may have the best rate to India, but a different carrier will have the best rate to Pakistan. You can compare prices from all carriers at Prime Pack & Ship.

  • Size matters. A few inches difference in package size can make a significant impact on the cost of shipment. Prime Pack & Ship will help you pack your items with both safety and cost in mind.

  • The U.S. Postal Service, whose services are available at Prime Pack & Ship, is often the lowest-cost international carrier. However, the USPS offers no guarantees of timely delivery, nor does it guarantee that your letter or package will be delivered at all. Their only responsibility is to get the package to the postal service of the destination country. Prime Pack & Ship offers shipping insurance for parcels sent via the USPS, but this insurance is not available for all countries.

  • Customs can be quite simple! Prime Pack & Ship will prepare customs documentation for you that is designed to both simplify the process and minimize any potential duties or taxes.

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